If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been busily posting memes to Facebook as a tribute to the gazillions of faithful Bookooers who declutter month after month, year after year, in pursuit of organizational perfection.

For those of you that haven’t quite achieved that coveted empty garage, you’re in good company—with us! It’s a process. We get it.  ;-)

Thanks to Brittany at and Kathy McEldowney for allowing us to use their awesome photos!

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Bookoo at Your Fingertips

Bookoo is rolling out a big set of changes, to make look and run better on your mobile phone (not the app—the website). If you visit your community’s bookoo site on your phone, you’ll see how it looks different, depending on the size of your mobile device.  The new mobile website is mobile friendly, and it gives you full access to all the features on the full site.  It’s very simple! : )
On a related note, with iOS 6, you can now post pictures from your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch *in your browser* which means you don’t need the app to post items anymore from your phone—you can use the website in Safari.  It’s also very simple! : )

The Key to Sales Success, Pictures!

A Success Story

“Thanks you Lejeune Bookoo…I had previously posted my car without pictures and only had one inquiry in four days. On Monday I upgraded to premium and re-posted my car with 5 five pictures and it was sold in 24 hours!!!! Yipeeeee lol Thanks again!!!!!”
~Lejeune Bookoo

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures
Who wants to buy an item that they can’t see? This is the most important key to your Bookoo success. Take pictures of the actual item that is for sale, upload different angles and clear shots. Buyers want to see the actual item that might want to buy. So refrain from posting a copied image, such as an image from Amazon.

Happy Selling. : )

Let the Regifting Begin!

We recently asked the world about the practice of regifting, a concept that has become part of our popular culture. We expected to hear mixed feelings, but the results of the survey were eye opening. In some cases they were eye popping! We were most surprised to find that 92% of you are ok with regifting, whether you’re the giver or receiver!

We were also intrigued to learn that 62% said that you plan to regift this holiday season! Those Secret Santa gifts might be holding an even bigger secret: they might be regifted!

Here are some other fun facts about regifting:

  • Women tend to regift more often than men (3:1)
  • People are most likely to regift during the holiday season (62%), for birthdays (58%) or for housewarming gifts (50%)
  • People who regift are most likely to regift items to friends (63.7%), neighbors (45.5%) and colleagues (34.6%)
  • The most commonly acceptable regifted items are home décor products (63%), antiques (63%) and books (59%)
  • While some regifters are open about their gift recycling, the more stealthy regifters have mastered the art of keeping it a secret, including re-wrapping the item to look new (53%), inspecting the item and removing any gift cards or receipts from the previous giver (50%) and planning ahead to ensure they do not give the gift to anyone associated with the original gifter (66%)
  • Some of the oddest regifted presents included:

o Monogrammed items with someone else’s initials
o Two-year-old fruitcake (that the person had originally given the gifter)
o Box of chocolates with bites taken out of several pieces
o Outdated desk calendar
o Partly used gift cards
o Toys with broken pieces

Since the holidays are full of giving, storytelling and sharing, we want to hear your regifting stories! Post your stories below in the comments section, but please keep them PG!

And for those of you who don’t want to chance getting caught regifting, why not list your unneeded gifts on and use the money to buy something you really want!

Happy holidays!

Bookoo Widgets for Websites and Blogs

We have been working hard to bring the latest digital features to We are proud to share with you are latest creation to enhance your selling experience and success, the Bookoo widget.

Bookoo has created a widget that can be used on your website and/or blog. Your site viewers will be able to see what items you have for sale on, increasing your sale potential.  Simply click on the “widget” located on the menu bar at the top of the page and you’ve got it!


New feature! We are happy to announce stats on your listings! A special treat for Premiere members…kick the tires:

How? Just click “View Stats” on the item detail page, or on your “My Items” page. Use this information to time your listings, decide when you need to lower the price, what keywords to use in your listings, and more! Enjoy! (and give us feedback, of course)

Thanks for a Wonderful Summer!

Sadly, the summer season has come to an end. But we will forever hold the memories that we have made over the Summer of 2012 with our Bookoo family!

We had a blast over the summer meeting so many of you at the very first held Bookoo Picnics. Here are a few pictures from picnics that we had at nearby Bookoo communities. It was a pleasure to meet so many of our bookoo friends face to face and to also say thank-you for helping make Bookoo such a great success! Picnics Summer 2012

We hope you have enjoyed your summer! Do you have any summer memories that you would like to share? Please post in the comment section. We would love to hear from you!

It’s time to welcome Autumn!

-The Bookoo Team

New: Facebook Login and Phone Numbers!


A couple new features you should be aware of (and hopefully use!):  Facebook Login, and Name/Phone contact information.  Read up!

Facebook Login: We know it can get annoying logging in and out of sites, we made it a bit easier for you!  With one click, you can login to your Bookoo account if you happen to be logged in to Facebook.  It’s quick, seamless, and only requires that your Facebook email address matches your Bookoo account email.  Give it a try.:)

Name/Phone Information:  Just call!  Arranging meet ups, schedules, viewings, payments are usually most efficient on the phone.  So we’ve made it easier to include your phone number and name in your listing, if you choose.  (this is optional, but we hope that most people will opt to use it)  In case you can’t wait to get an email back from the seller, simply pick up your phone and call!  Instant gratification.:)

We always working on new ideas.  Do you have any awesome ideas for or would like to share some success stories with us?  We want to hear from you!  Please email us at

Stay tuned for more improvements and added features coming your way…

Pictures = More Buyers = More Sold Items!

At least that’s what Jessica says!

“Thanks you LYS…I had previously posted my car without pictures and only had one inquiry in four days. On Monday I upgraded to premium and re posted my car with 5 five pictures and it was sold in 24 hours!!!! Yipeeeee lol Thanks again!!!!!”

– Jessica Jaremback, Lejuene Yard Sales

We figured out the math for you!  You are 2.16 times more likely to sell your items—if you add pictures!  It’s a great option to increase your sales on Bookoo.

If you need space for more pictures, or more items, then you can become a “Premiere” member.  They get extra special features.:)

Good luck selling!!!


Bookoo USA T-Shirt now Available!

Now you can wear your Bookoo obsession with USA pride!

For a limited time (how limited? til they’re gone!), you can get your every own, exclusive 2012 Bookoo USA t-shirt!

T-shirts are available in a bunch of different sizes — only $9.00 each.  Kudos to Ron who put the design together!

Visit the Bookoo Shop to get yours today!  (and keep your eyelids peeled for new additions to the Bookoo Shop…teaser teaser)


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