Bookoo Selling Tips

Curious as to how to sell your items quicker?  Here are some ideas to help sell your items faster and for more money!  Here is a list of suggestions to help you become one of Bookoo’s success stories:

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures
Who wants to buy an item that they can’t see? This is the most important key to your Bookoo success. Take pictures of the actual item that is for sale, upload different angles and clear shots. Buyers want to see the actual item that might want to buy. So refrain from posting a copied image, such as an image from Amazon.

Be Creative
Provide a great description of your item for sale. Be sure to include size, measurements, color, and so on. This will give the potential buyer a better idea if they should purchase your item or not. Another thing that is nice to post, whether or not it comes from a smoke free and/or pet free environment and the condition of the item. Be honest, so there are no surprises when the item is to be picked up.

If it’s not Selling
Try reducing the price of the item. In the description, include previous selling price of item and mark it “reduced.”  Sometimes it also helps to add how much the item was originally, especially when the item is not that old. We have also seen seller’s post a link to where the item can be seen for the current price in the description. If it’s a seasonal item, sell it at the appropriate time. For an example, Halloween items are most likely to sell at the end of Summer or early Fall. You can post, however remember that it will take a bit more time.

Clean it
Make sure your item is clean. If you are selling clothing, wash it. If you are selling furniture, make it shine! If your item comes from a pet household, remove all dander and pet hairs. This is great Bookoo etiquette.

Happy Selling
Most importantly, the key to any Bookoo success is to simply have fun!

Do you have any selling tips?  Please leave a comment to share amongst the Bookoo community.