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We need your help to make a video tutorial of the bookoo app for all the people that are going to be using the Android and iPhone mobile apps.  (We love videos, but we don’t know how to do this ourselves…)

We’ll reward the best video short with $200 of cold, hard cash.  And we’ll give everyone who submits a video a free month of membership, just for submitting!

Interested?  Here’s what you do:

  1. Make your slick, short (30 seconds), fun video of you using the app, browsing, sending messages, posting an item.  Use your phone, your video camera, whatever you wish.  Bonus points for good editing!
  2. Post your video to YouTube
  3. Email us a link to the video: blog@bookoo.com
  4. Your deadline is 3:23 pm, Thursday, March 15, 2012.

That’s all. We’re soon going to announce the apps to the world (we’ve been keeping it quiet while we work out any kinks), and this could be your ticket to instant fame to the millions of bookoo fans!  Go nuts!