Spring has arrived!

It’s time to do some Spring cleaning in your home.  With Spring cleaning comes a great opportunity to make some money on Bookoo!  If you find things around the house that you no longer have a use for, put it aside, create a list, price each item, take some pictures, upload them to bookoo.com and make some cash!

Spring Cleaning Advice

Realistically, you won’t be able to complete your Spring cleaning in an entire weekend, so we recommend putting together a schedule and list to accomplish over a given time.  Here are some things to include in your list:  Kitchen, Refrigerator, Stove, cabinets/drawers, Bathrooms, Exterior, windows (interior and exterior) and don’t forget to add a Bookoo item selling list!

10 Quick Tips to Spring Cleaning Success

  1. Make a Plan and Reasonable Goal
  2. Purchase Cleaning Supplies, Look Out for those Coupons
  3. Declutter Before Cleaning
  4. Use Boxes to Place the “get rid off”, “Donate” and “sell on Bookoo” Items
  5. Open the Windows
  6. Play Some Music
  7. Get the Kids to Help {or clean while they are napping}
  8. Tackle One Area at a Time
  9. Rearrange Furniture and Decorative Items to Freshen up the look of Your Home
  10. In the End, Plan a Daily Cleaning Schedule to Maintain Your Hard Work

Download a Complete Spring Cleaning List.

Do you have any Spring cleaning advice?  Please share with us by posting a comment.