A couple new features you should be aware of (and hopefully use!):  Facebook Login, and Name/Phone contact information.  Read up!

Facebook Login: We know it can get annoying logging in and out of sites, we made it a bit easier for you!  With one click, you can login to your Bookoo account if you happen to be logged in to Facebook.  It’s quick, seamless, and only requires that your Facebook email address matches your Bookoo account email.  Give it a try.:)

Name/Phone Information:  Just call!  Arranging meet ups, schedules, viewings, payments are usually most efficient on the phone.  So we’ve made it easier to include your phone number and name in your listing, if you choose.  (this is optional, but we hope that most people will opt to use it)  In case you can’t wait to get an email back from the seller, simply pick up your phone and call!  Instant gratification.:)

We always working on new ideas.  Do you have any awesome ideas for Bookoo.com or would like to share some success stories with us?  We want to hear from you!  Please email us at blog@bookoo.com.

Stay tuned for more improvements and added features coming your way…