We recently asked the world about the practice of regifting, a concept that has become part of our popular culture. We expected to hear mixed feelings, but the results of the survey were eye opening. In some cases they were eye popping! We were most surprised to find that 92% of you are ok with regifting, whether you’re the giver or receiver!

We were also intrigued to learn that 62% said that you plan to regift this holiday season! Those Secret Santa gifts might be holding an even bigger secret: they might be regifted!

Here are some other fun facts about regifting:

  • Women tend to regift more often than men (3:1)
  • People are most likely to regift during the holiday season (62%), for birthdays (58%) or for housewarming gifts (50%)
  • People who regift are most likely to regift items to friends (63.7%), neighbors (45.5%) and colleagues (34.6%)
  • The most commonly acceptable regifted items are home décor products (63%), antiques (63%) and books (59%)
  • While some regifters are open about their gift recycling, the more stealthy regifters have mastered the art of keeping it a secret, including re-wrapping the item to look new (53%), inspecting the item and removing any gift cards or receipts from the previous giver (50%) and planning ahead to ensure they do not give the gift to anyone associated with the original gifter (66%)
  • Some of the oddest regifted presents included:

o Monogrammed items with someone else’s initials
o Two-year-old fruitcake (that the person had originally given the gifter)
o Box of chocolates with bites taken out of several pieces
o Outdated desk calendar
o Partly used gift cards
o Toys with broken pieces

Since the holidays are full of giving, storytelling and sharing, we want to hear your regifting stories! Post your stories below in the comments section, but please keep them PG!

And for those of you who don’t want to chance getting caught regifting, why not list your unneeded gifts on Bookoo.com and use the money to buy something you really want!

Happy holidays!