This is us.
From our humble start with the server in an upstairs closet to the hundreds
of local sites around the world, we are Bookoo.

Adam and Austin rule the roost
{they like to think that}
with a bunch of incredible help along the way.

We thrive on community, love our users, and work non-stop
to convince the world that retail prices are a thing of the past.

Welcome to our Bookoo Blog!


15 thoughts on “About”

  1. I thought this was a site to buy and sell but I cant seem to find a way to do this am I at the wrong website.

  2. Please add chatarama to the app! I often make deals through the chat first before going into email.

  3. Hi, I’m moving to Cambodia and there is large expat community there that could really benefit from having a bookoo there…do you accept requests to establish one in other countries?

  4. I my name is Heather little and I am located at barksdale afb and I am a Avon rep was wonting to kno if this is a good place to advertise for my business

  5. Do you have a smartphone app for the bookplate site? It would be very usefully for posting ads, browsing, and navigating yard sale locations.

  6. I tried twice to email interest for a job using email given, my email was returned both times as undeliverable both times….

  7. Wow is there any decent people in this world anymore or is it just full of hate and jealously? I am a single parent of 5 children, a 3 yr old being my youngest. I am also a grandmother of four. My only income is from Bodynbeyondtattoos.com I take the little bit of time that I do have outside of my shop to list our freebies and services that we offer. Only to find that they are flagged and this has been going on for well over a year I use to p[ay high dollar to be on this site. Now I pay the bare minimum, not only could the time I have spent and the money been put towards my kids but the embarressment (the people flagging my items) Have given Lejuene Yard Sales a bad rep. There was no reason whatsoever to flag my items. I posted them correctly its pure jealousy maybe its from a wannabe tattoo artist thats doing it outta their home. Its completely illegal to tattoo outta your home. All I have to say to the public is if your getting a tattoo from someone outta theyre house, you must not have respect for yourself and your body because they are not good enough to be in a shop or they would be doing it legally. If its businesses flagging my items then you must be insecure about your own work. I am gonna find other means to show the public my great artwork and low prices. Ive wasted enough money and time on ignorance. Good day

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